What is a Beer?

What is a Beer?

Beer is any brew made from barley malt, hops, and yeast.  Other grains may be added.  The term beer applies to all:  ales, porters, lagers, stouts …It’s all beer.

A brew made with warm, top-fermenting yeast.  It can vary greatly in strength and color. 
It usually has a fruity taste.

Any beer made by a bottom fermenting yeast.  This cool process takes a longer period of time to brew than ales.  Lagers are usually golden in color.

Any golden colored lager of conventional strength with a hoppy, flowery aroma and a dry finish.  Historically, pilsner is a beer of “super premium quality” inspired by a brew from the town of Pilsen in Bohemia, Czechoslovakia.

Bitter is an English term for well-hopped ale and implies a depth of hop bitterness. 
The finish is usually acidic and may vary in color from bronze to deep copper.

Pale means that the beer is light or copper colored as opposed to a dark brown. 
It can be quite mild to hoppy in flavor.

Brown ales are usually medium to dark brown in appearance with a slightly sweet taste and dry finish.

An IPA is a copper colored ale with extra hops added.  It has a bitter, somewhat dry taste.  It originated during the early British occupation of India when voyages made by ship required extra hops to act as preservatives.

Stout is an extra dark ale made from highly roasted malts.  It is thick and creamy in appearance, smooth to taste, and is usually low in alcohol.  Guinness and Beamish typify dry stouts.

Porter is a dark, almost black ale with a mild roast flavor.  Named for nineteenth century British Porters who favored it as their choice of ale.

Amber is a malty German style of brew derived from the word alt, meaning old.  This refers to its cold, slow fermentation that produces a full-bodied beer of deep amber color, usually less bitter in taste with a hint of sweetness.

This is a light wheat beer that is unfiltered, giving it a cloudy appearance.  It is usually served with lemon. Hefe is the German word for yeast.